Victoria Quarter, Roof Glazing

Our client had noticed several glass roof panels had cracks running up them. We had to inspect the roof of the main atrium and county arcade. We found 3 panels with cracks or shells in them on the main atrium roof and 5 cracked panes in the county arcade. The job presented several issues such as timing with the client when the works can be carried out. Working at a substantial height of 50ft and the size of the glass panes. we arranged a suitable and safe time to carry out the works to replace the damaged glass when the centre was shut on a evening. We attended site and cordoned off the area underneath the damaged glass to be replaced in the main arcade. our glazing contractors had set up a safe working platform on the roof to remove the beads and allow the removal and lowering of the glass in a cherry picker. we then raised the new glass up to the roof and through the opening and installed it into position. We the cleaned up the site and carried out the works to the glass in the county arcade. we finished the works that night allowing the centre to open on time the next morning.


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